How to Borrow from Fuliza

Unexpected financial hardships are something that life frequently presents to us, and when the expenses start to mount, having access to quick cash may be a lifesaver. While long procedures, hefty interest rates, and strict payback schedules have historically been connected to borrowing money, this is quickly changing. Fuliza loans, a new service from Safaricom Limited, allow you to finish M-Pesa transactions even when your account balance is becoming low. This interactive tutorial will explain what Fuliza loans are, how to apply for them, and their terms and restrictions.

What are Fuliza Loans?

All M-Pesa customers have access to fuliza loans, also known as fuliza M-Pesa, which is effectively an overdraft facility. With the help of this service, you may finish M-Pesa transactions even if your account is short on cash. Consider it a financial safety nett offered by a collaboration between NCBA Bank and Safaricom’s M-Pesa. It’s important to make clear that Fuliza is not a typical loan, despite the fact that people frequently refer to it as such; rather, Fuliza is a continual overdraft service.

How to Access Fuliza Loans

Now that you understand what Fuliza loans are let’s explore how you can access this valuable service.

Step 1: Be a Registered M-Pesa Customer with an Active Safaricom Line

For Fuliza M-Pesa, you must be a registered user with an active Safaricom line. Safaricom lines must have been active for six months to qualify for Fuliza.

Step 2: Dial 234# or Use the Safaricom App

You have two easy ways to go to Fuliza M-Pesa. To activate the service, you may either use the Safaricom App or manually dial *234# from your Safaricom line.

Step 3: Select “Fuliza M-PESA” to Opt In

You’ll get a menu of choices after pressing *234# or using the app. When opting into the service, choose “Fuliza M-PESA” to start your Fuliza journey.

Fuliza M-Pesa Repayment

Once you’ve chosen to use the Fuliza M-Pesa service, it’s critical that you comprehend your obligations with regard to payments. Every time you top up your M-Pesa account, Safaricom will automatically deduct the necessary fees. These costs might alter at Safaricom’s discretion.

Fuliza M-Pesa Interest and Service Fees

Fees associated with using Fuliza include the regular M-Pesa transaction costs. On top of that, Safaricom assesses 1% maintenance and access fees on your unpaid Fuliza amount. When utilising the service, it is crucial to be aware of these fees.

Where to Use Fuliza

Fuliza M-Pesa can be used for various transactions, making it a versatile financial tool. You can:

  • Send money to registered and unregistered M-Pesa users.
  • Make payments through all “Lipa Na M-Pesa” transactions.

It’s crucial to remember that you cannot immediately remove Fuliza money. You can send them to a different Safaricom line and instruct the receiver to make a withdrawal on your behalf.

Increasing Your Fuliza Limit

How much you may access through the overdraft facility depends on your Fuliza limit. You should in order to raise your Fuliza M-Pesa limit:

  • Use M-Pesa and Safaricom services frequently.
  • Repay your Fuliza loan on time by topping up your account.

Safaricom reserves the right to regularly examine and modify your restriction. Ensuring a positive transaction history and prompt repayment might help to increase the limit.

Withdrawing Money from Fuliza

While you can’t directly withdraw money from Fuliza, you can send it to another Safaricom line and request the recipient to withdraw it on your behalf.

Fuliza Terms and Conditions

Understanding the terms and conditions of Fuliza M-Pesa is crucial. Summary of major points:

  • Safaricom advances “facility” monies to your M-Pesa account for usage when your balance is low.
  • Your overdraw limit is the maximum amount you can use through the Fuliza service, and Safaricom will notify you of it upon opt-in.
  • Safaricom may vary your overdraw limit without providing reasons.
  • Defaulting on payments or exceeding your overdraw limit can lead to suspension or termination of the Fuliza service.
  • Safaricom may take measures to recover outstanding amounts, including using debt collection agencies.


Even in difficult circumstances, Fuliza loans are a strong instrument to keep your financial operations operating smoothly. However, it’s crucial to utilise them sensibly and be aware of the rules. Fuliza is about responsible money management, not only about borrowing. Therefore, keep Fuliza M-Pesa in mind the next time you run into money difficulties during important transactions since it might get you out of a jam.

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