How to Check Fuliza Balance

Consider this scenario: During a transaction, your M-Pesa balance plummets. You’re in a problem financially since you can’t finish your buy. Well, Fuliza can help in this situation! Safaricom’s Fuliza MPesa service, which enables you to finish transactions even when your M-Pesa account is empty, is a wonderful offering. But how can you monitor your Fuliza balance and limit? You’re covered, so relax. We’ll lead you through the straightforward steps in this article to check your Fuliza M-Pesa limit and balance.

What is Fuliza MPesa?

Let’s briefly review the basics of Fuliza M-Pesa before getting into the details of monitoring your limit and balance. Fuliza is an overdraft service that enables Safaricom clients to finish transactions even when they don’t have enough money in their M-Pesa accounts. The Commercial Bank of Africa and Kenya Commercial Bank power it. This financial safety nett ensures you never get caught in a big transaction.

Now let’s talk business.

Checking Your Fuliza MPesa Limit and Balance

Follow these simple steps to check your Fuliza MPesa limit and balance:

Step 1: With your phone, enter *234#. Make sure you have an active Safaricom line and are a registered Fuliza M-Pesa user. Don’t worry if you haven’t enrolled for Fuliza yet; we also offer instructions for that.

Step 2: When you call *234#, a menu with many choices will appear. Select Fuliza MPesa, option 0, from the menu.

Step 3: There will be more choices available to you now. You may check your Fuliza limit by choosing option 1, “Check My Limit.” Select option 2 if you wish to see your Fuliza balance.

Step 4: Fuliza M-Pesa will handle your request once you’ve decided which choice is best for you. This normally occurs in a matter of seconds.

Step 5: You’re almost there! Shortly after, you’ll receive a text message on your phone containing your Fuliza M-Pesa limit or balance, depending on the option you chose.

It’s as simple as that! You can now confidently continue with your transactions, knowing your Fuliza M-Pesa limit and balance.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure you have a stable network connection when dialing *234# to avoid any interruptions during the process.
  • Keep your phone charged or have a power source nearby, just in case your phone battery is running low.
  • If you’re new to Fuliza M-Pesa, consider exploring the various features and services it offers, such as requesting a Fuliza M-Pesa loan.


A game-changer in terms of financial flexibility is Fuliza M-Pesa. Fuliza eliminates the concern of running out of money at critical times. You may quickly check the limit and balance on your Fuliza M-Pesa account by following the simple instructions provided in this article. So go ahead and execute those transactions while maintaining financial control using Fuliza M-Pesa. Happy banking!

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