How to File Nil returns

Hey, congrats from another Kenyan! Obtaining your KRA PIN is the first step in becoming tax compliant. The next juncture, submitting your KRA Nil Returns, is now in sight. Don’t let worry or uncertainty hold you back; instead, take heart in the fact that this journey may be surprisingly easy and even energizing. Have you been searching “how to file nil returns? We are here to guide you.

Filing KRA Nil Returns is a need for everyone working alone, whether they are a student or a new company owner. By stating that you had no income during the tax year in question, you can stay on the good side of the tax man.

Learn all you need to know about submitting your KRA Nil Returns with the help of this comprehensive tutorial. By the end, you’ll be fully knowledgeable about compliance and prepared to breeze through the procedure. Let’s get into it and discover how to breeze through tax season.

Understanding KRA Nil Returns

Let’s get familiar with what KRA Nil Returns comprise before we begin the filing procedure. Filing a Nil Return is the norm when your income is zero or less than the threshold amount for the tax period in question. Despite initial impressions, submitting Nil Returns is essential for avoiding fines and keeping a spotless tax history.

Checking Your Eligibility

Now that you know what Nil Returns are, it’s time to make sure you qualify to file one. You can submit KRA Nil Returns if your income was zero or less than the threshold for taxability during the reporting period. Remember that submitting documents late might cause needless hassles, therefore prompt compliance is essential.

Gathering the Required Information

Make sure you have everything you need on hand before beginning the filing procedure. Your KRA PIN, personal information, and supporting documents for your earnings and deductions will be required. Having all of these information on hand will make the filing process go more smoothly and quickly.

Navigating the KRA iTax Portal

To log in, visit the KRA iTax website ( If you haven’t joined then there is nothing to worry. It’s as simple as one, two and three. Simply visit the KRA website and click the “New PIN Registration” option to get your KRA PIN.

Filling in the Nil Returns Form:

Find the “Returns” menu in your iTax account, and then choose the “File Nil Return” option. You will be sent to a form in which you will be asked to enter information such as your PIN, tax due amount, and tax filing period. Verify the correctness of all details before moving further.

Certifying and Submitting the Nil Returns Form:

After carefully filling out the Nil Returns form, you must now attest to its accuracy. Verify all information in the declaration is correct and up-to-date by reading it thoroughly. You may now submit your Nil Returns to the KRA system by clicking the “Submit” button.

Acknowledgment and Confirmation

Congratulations! The KRA Nil Returns you submitted were accepted. The KRA will confirm receipt of your submission with an acknowledgement within a few minutes. You should save this letter of acknowledgment away for future use.


The process of submitting KRA Nil Returns may have appeared difficult at first, but you’ve now become an expert. You have made a major step toward becoming a responsible taxpayer by realizing the significance of filing on time, compiling the relevant information, navigating the iTax platform, and submitting your Nil Returns.

Use this information as a stepping stone on your path to financial success, and keep in mind that paying your fair share of taxes helps build the country we all love. Use this handy reference as a dependable friend to file your annual KRA Nil Returns with complete assurance. Best wishes as you do your taxes!

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