How to File KRA Returns

How to File KRA Returns

Hello Fellow Taxpayers! Once again, it is time to prepare for the annual adventure that is The KRA Returns. The procedure may appear intimidating, whether you’re a person or a business owner, but have no fear! Filing your KRA Returns online might be intimidating, but we’ll break it down into manageable chunks in this fun and informative steps.

1.     Step Into the iTax Filing Portal

Start your tax filing journey at to access the KRA iTax filing site. This is your portal to stress-free tax filing, where you can access your account and take care of all your tax responsibilities with ease.

2.     Login to Your iTax Account

The next step is to enter your KRA PIN and password when prompted on the iTax portal. If this is your first time, don’t feel stressed. It’s very easy to sign up. Existing users may jump right into the tax-filing action by entering their login information!

3.     Navigate to ‘File Returns’

The second phase of iTax use begins once you’ve logged in. To begin, go to ‘e-Returns’ or ‘Returns’ in the main menu, and then ‘File Returns.’ You’ve made a lot of progress toward tax filing success.

4.     Select Your Tax Obligation

You’ll make your choice of tax return type here. It might be a value-added tax return, a personal income tax return, or a company income tax return. Select the applicable drop-down menu and input your taxpayer PIN. Select the appropriate tax liability, and then press the Next button.

5.      Fill in the Relevant Tax Form

Congratulations! Now you’re almost ready to start filling out the tax return itself. The system will automatically launch the relevant tax form based on your chosen tax liability. For instance, the system will display the VAT return form if you’ve selected “VAT” as your tax liability.

6.      Follow the Detailed Instructions

Don’t be afraid, valiant tax payer! The instructions on the tax return page are meant to make filling it out as simple as possible. Each part will have clear instructions to help you supply the correct data. The tax return form is also available for download in Excel and Open Document Format.

7.      Download and Complete the Tax Return Form

Let’s get started on our tax return right now by downloading the necessary paperwork. To get the template, just click the link that applies and save it to your computer. Launch the downloaded file, update the necessary fields, and save your work.

8.      Enable Macros and Validate Your File

Be sure that your document can use macros before continuing. This will allow you to check that your file is genuine and compress it so that it may be submitted..

9.      Choose the Filing Period

Choose the tax filing period as you get closer to the finish line. Choosing the right tax period is essential for avoiding errors and conflicts.

10.Submit and Celebrate

After double-checking your work on the tax return form, you should send it in. Please upload the zip file and select the box indicating your acceptance of the terms and conditions. At last, select the ‘Submit’ tab and give a hearty ‘OK’ to the prompt asking if you’re sure you want to upload the form.

11. Success! E-Return Receipt and Acknowledgment

After successfully submitting your KRA Return, you will receive a confirmation message and an electronic return receipt. Hooray! Well done, you!

In Conclusion

You’ve successfully completed your tax return! You have successfully completed the arduous online KRA Returns process. This online tool makes tax compliance easy. Consider it an honor to be granted such a crucial task, as it will allow you to positively impact the future of our great nation.

Remember that the methods for filing KRA Returns are, for the most part, uniform throughout the range of tax obligations that must be met. So, let’s take use of this fresh information, and may our future tax returns be as easy as possible. Best wishes as you complete your tax return.

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