God bless the British! And the Scots, and the Irish and all the rest I may have missed in between.

Why you may ask? Well because they give us such delightful tales time and again, and surely we have to thank them for the lovely tea scones and the perfectly made cucumber sandwiches – what’s there not to like? Their tales are great. Well, little beach says it all.

Jenny Colgan bless her socks, drops another dinky little read that swept me off in a cloud of the scent of baking bread, windswept beaches and the scary reminder of what it feels like to be on the wrong end of a rising tide.

This book was picturesque to say the least, filled with likable characters, puffins (funny name for a small bird) and bee keeping and as always with most chick-lit books – second chances.

Polly has just lost the jointly held company she shared with her leave-in partner of ten years (!) to bankruptcy which also means she lost the small but showy home they shared to the same thing. Faced with the unpleasant choice of having to sleep on her friend’s sofa till she is able to sort herself and her meager finances out, she instead looks further afield for an affordable abode where she can lick her wounds in peace and quiet and not be faced with the “are you alright/how are you coping” question she would get if she shares with friends or family.

Moving away to a remote fishing village to a rickety ‘apartment’ above a shop on a bleak windswept island, miles away from a take-out chippy, cab or even a bus service is where she finds herself against her friends wishes or advice. Follow Polly as she finds herself and her place and even a new beau (or two) all the while, baking bread to thaw and heal the villagers.

Little beach is not only a love story, or a cookbook, or a story about finding yourself after feeling lost for so long, no. This book is also about other lives, those who have to find themselves after the death of a loved one, those who face death every time they take their boat out to bring home a night’s worth of fishing to feed their families and their neighbors. This book is also about that first taste of freshly caught fish and chips.

Little beach street bakery for me is a 5*.

I loved this read beyond the short review i did. I would certainly recommend it to all of you who love this category of books. This is in deed a real tale.

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