How to know if your phone is original or a fake and avoid being duped

When you want to buy a phone, you are spoilt for choice but you need to be careful because there are many shops that sell fake phones in Nairobi. When the phone you are looking to buy is second hand, you cannot be sure that it is original or fake. Many people have been duped into buying fake phones, believing they are original.

How do you know what you have is origi ama uligongwa??

There are a number of ways to know if the phone you have or want to buy is fake or original


If your phone is genuine, it must have a serial number that registers it to a carrier network. The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is unique to a particular phone.

How to find the IMEI:

  1. Check the phones packaging. The number should be pasted there
  2. Check under the phone’s battery
  3. Press *06#

fake phone

After you have retrieved the IMEI number, go to You can check everything about the phone from this website. If the information is not available or is incorrect, then your phone is probably a fake one. Smash it against a wall 🙂 🙂

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Nowadays, clones have a VERY close resemblance to the original phones. However, they cannot get all the intricate details correct. Chances are that there must be something different about the phone’s build compared to the original phone. If you can get hold of an original phone, compare the features with the one you suspect of being fake. If there are variations in the build, then the phone is probably fake.


Phone specifications are normally placed at the back of the phone. You then go to SETTINGS>ABOUT PHONE. If the information matches, congrats, your phone is original. If not, it is probably a clone.


Go to Google play, download the Antutu benchmark app. This app tests the phones speed and full specifications. If it displays information about another manufacturer, then you phone is probably fake.


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