We know that when a citizen of Kenya is living and working in another country, they always have the good interest of Kenya in their hearts. After all, East or West… Most people invest back into the country with the hope that someday they will come back home and roost (read: Retire). Creating a soft landing for them is an important element.
Most operate and invest by proxies. Big mistake. They send the money to their relatives and sometimes close friends. These relatives in turn send them pictures of houses being constructed, blah blah blah. When they decide to relocate to the beautiful homes in Kenya, they are surprised to find that the houses were virtual houses!
What to do? Can’t kill your relative, can you? The money is not there, it’s gone- thanks to thirsty barmaids and a bunch impressionable materialistic university girls.
Sad stuff…
We are not saying investment by proxy is bad. Of course not all relatives and other trusted friends are out to feast on your hard earned money. Not every story here is a sad story. We are just concerned for those that end up in a sob.
Now the good stuff…
We love transparency. We love audit. We love research. We love management. We love accountability.
We can do the RESEARCH bit for you.

We provide you with the following services:

Research and recommendation on viable investment options in Kenya
Research and recommendation on reputable companies to invest through in Kenya
  Verification of asset of interest e.g Land, Car, etc
 Management of the asset bought – We do not do direct management ourselves. we prefer to remain in the realm of our interest. Therefore, we offer a research and recommendation on reputable managers that can be verified, trusted and made accountable.
Proof that the project is going on -We give you a portal where you can watch videos of your project being carried on (daily), manage workers by proxy (know when they come to work and when they leave- through a bi metric registration system), fire workers directly, manage contractors, manage inventory, have audits conducted and most importantly, watch your project grow, step by step.
Audit services– You need to know whether your resources have been put to good use
Legal issuesWe offer research into legal requirements of proposed projects and advice accordingly.
If you have any question about what we have covered here, kindly contact us for clarification.
If you would like a quotation on any interested service, we are happy to assist.